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1. Recognizing Amniotic Fluid Leakage (water breaking) in later stages of pregnancy

Amniotic fluid is a colorless liquid (mostly water) that accumulates in the fetal sac to protect the baby in the womb. When noticeable amounts of amniotic fluid leak or flush through the vagina, this is generally referred to as the mother's "water breaking."

When the water breaks, the mother may not be sure that this is what has actually happened. Sometimes there is just one gush with no further leakage. In many cases, a warm gush may often be followed by a slow, steady leak of small amounts of amniotic fluid. Visually identifying the exact source of a continuous leakage is a common method to diagnose that the water has indeed broken. Although the fluid is usually clear, it can occasionally be bloody, yellow, or green-tinged.

During the second and third trimesters, pregnant women naturally tend to worry more about the leaking of amniotic fluid - which is very risky for the fetus. Therefore it is of great importance to be able to continuously and easily monitor possible amniotic fluid leakage without having to be dependent upon hospital facilities.

When amniotic fluid leaks before the baby's due date, there is a risk that the amniotic fluid could be contaminated and infect the fetus. This is a serious problem that can occur even a few months before the time of birth. Many women experience a feeling of wetness from time to time, and it can be very worrying to not be sure of the cause.

The AL-SENSETM detector panty-liner - worn daily during the later stages of pregnancy - provides a very simple solution, and puts the expectant mother's mind at rest on a daily basis.

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