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1. AL-SENSE | For how long should I wear the DPL (Diagnotic Panty Liner)?

You should wear the DPL until you feel wetness - maximum 12 hours.

2. AL-SENSE | When should I use AL-SENSE?

It is recommended to wear the AL-SENSE panty liner whenever you sense an unidentified wetness, in order to distinguish amniotic fluid leakage from urine incontinence, or whenever your physician suspects you may be at a higher than normal risk level for amniotic fluid leak.

3. AL-SENSE | Why is it important to know if I have an amniotic fluid leak?

Leakage of the amniotic fluid is very risky for the fetus and the mother. Amniotic fluid leak (caused by a ruptured membrane) can increase the risk of infection to both you and your fetus because it provides a way for bacteria to enter the amniotic sac.

4. AL-SENSE | What do I do if the results are negative?

If you get negative results - meaning that your indicator strip did not change color or initially stained blue or green but then the color faded back to yellow during the 10 minute drying period - the fluid leak that you sense is probably not amniotic fluid and could be urine, which is common during pregnancy. If you continue to experience vaginal wetness, apply a new diagnostic panty liner to repeat the test or contact your health care provider.

5. AL-SENSE | For how long does the color remain stable?

The color change remains stable for more than 2 hours.

6. AL-SENSE | Is the AL-SENSE DPL (Diagnotic Panty Liner) available in different sizes?

Currently, it is only available in one size - NORMAL.

7. AL-SENSE | Can the AL-SENSE test replace a doctor's examination?

The test provides amniotic leak detection in cases where a physician is not present. It is designed for home monitoring and continuous monitoring.

8. AL-SENSE | Where should I keep the kit?

You should keep the kit in a dry place at room temperature. In order to avoid contamination, the DPL (Diagnostic Panty Liner) must remain sealed until opened for use.

9. AL-SENSE | Is there any specific way to wear the DPL (Diagnotic Panty Liner)?

Wear the DPL just as you would wear any normal hygienic panty liner, with the loose tail forward.

10. AL-SENSE | How does AL-SENSE work?

AL-SENSE changes colors immediately upon any contact with amniotic fluid.
When the AL-SENSE yellow indicator strip comes in touch with amniotic fluid it changes color to blue or green. This stain remains stable after 30 minutes of drying time. The positive blue-green color change creates a darker stain that is easily observed over the yellow background.

11. AL-SENSE | Is the product suitable for women with urine incontinence?

YES. The indicator strip may change its color to green or blue and fade back to yellow whenever the fluid that contacts the indicator is urine. This reverse action occurs during 10 minutes in the drying box, after the strip is removed from the wet pad. In case you suffer from heavy urine incontinence you should wear the DPL for at least 6 hours to enable the discharge to collect on the strip.

12. AL-SENSE | When is it recommended to DELAY the use of the test?

It is recommended to delay performing the test if you conducted sexual relations or used vaginal douching within the last 12 hours.

13. VS-SENSE OTC | What should I do after using the test swab?

Wait 10 seconds, then check the tip of the swab for color changes from yellow to blue or green. Then you can dispose of the swab.

14. VS-SENSE OTC | Is there any specific way to use the test?

Simply follow the easy instructions for use within the package.

15. VS-SENSE OTC | Does the test require a doctor's prescription?

NO. The VS-SENSE OTC test doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.

16. VS-SENSE OTC | Where should I keep the kit?

You should keep the kit in a dry place at room temperature. The test must be sealed until use to avoid contamination.

17. VS-SENSE OTC | Are there any conditions for which it is recommended to delay using the test?

It is recommended to delay performing the test if it is less than one day before or 5 days after your menstrual period, if you have any signs of menstruation or any vaginal bleeding, if it is less than 48 hours after sexual intercourse or vaginal douching, and if you have any pre-menopause or menopause symptoms and are not using hormonal therapy.

18. VS-SENSE OTC | Should I use the swab at a specific time during the day?

The VS-SENSE swab reacts to vaginal secretion, which discharges throughout the day.

19. VS-SENSE OTC | What do I do if the results are negative?

If you get negative results - meaning that the test did not change color - your acidity parameters are in order and the risk of having a bacterial or parasitic infection is low. If you still feel itching or irritation, or if you sense your vaginal discharge is abnormal you can try using OTC treatments for Candida.

20. VS-SENSE OTC | In which situations is it recommended to use the kit?

The VS-SENSE should be used if your vaginal discharge is abnormal. The test can be performed:

  1. before any visit to the clinic - to provide first-step information to your practitioner
  2. before trying any OTC self-treatment
  3. before and after using treatment for Candida (to be sure that Candida is the only cause for your abnormal discharge)
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