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VS-SENSE PROTM is a qualitative, visually readable swab for clinicians for the evaluation of women with vaginal symptoms. The VS-SENSE PRO indicator swab is intended for use in conjunction with other clinical examinations, such as the Amsel criteria or the Nugent Gram stain, to aid in determining conditions characterized by elevated vaginal pH, such as bacterial vaginosis and Trichomonas.

For US users, the CPT code is 83986. For Medicare and Medicaid the CPT code is 83986QW.

How to use:
While holding the handle, the clinician inserts the VS-SENSE OTC swab into the vagina, rotates the swab several times and extracts it. The tip should be observed for color change or color stain. Results are identical to those outlined for VI-SENSE and VS-SENSE OTC.


VS-SENSE PRO - Package + Swab

Performance Highlights & Advantages

Performance Highlights:

  • Sensitivity: 86.3% - 91.8%
  • Specificity: 93% - 93.4%
  • PPV: 91.8% - 92%
  • NPV: 89% - 93%
  • Accuracy: 90% - 92%


  • VS-SENSE PRO - like all the V-SENSE range - is the only acidity test which doesn't require a color scale in order to easily interpret the results
  • Immediate reaction and result reading - within 10 Seconds
  • One step test - test results can be interpreted by simply looking at the indicator tip upon removal
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