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VS-SENSE OTC - a self-use swab

VS-SENSE OTCTM is a self-use swab, incorporating an acidity indicator coated tip. It is an alternative method to the VI-SENSE panty-liner designed to be used by women with the same symptoms described in the VI-SENSE section. It provides a higher level of performance than the VI-SENSE panty-liner (see statistics below).

How to use:
While holding the handle, insert the VS-SENSE OTC swab into the vagina. Rotate the swab several times and pull out. Observe the tip for color change or color stain. A Green or Blue stain indicates abnormal acidity, suggesting bacterial or Trichmonas infection. In such a case, consult your gynecologist or healthcare professional to obtain treatment. A Yellow color (no color change) suggests fungal infection, for which anti-fungal treatments are available OTC in pharmacies (over the counter, without prescription) that can be used for simple self treatment.

Performance Highlights & Advantages

Performance Highlights:

  • Sensitivity: 91.8%
  • Specificity: 93%
  • PPV: 91.8%
  • NPV: 93%
  • Accuracy: 92%


  • VS-SENSE OTC (like VI-SENSE) is the only acidity test which doesn't require a color scale in order to easily interpret the results
  • Immediate reaction and result reading - within 10 Seconds
  • One step test - test results can be interpreted by simply looking at the indicator tip upon removal


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