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Management Team

Stanley J. Sanders, Chairman
• Founder & managing partner since 1974 of Sanders, Sanders, Block, Woycik, Viener, and Grossman

Eyal Miller – CEO (Bsc. MBA)
• 19 years’ experience within Health care arena
• Served at several executive positions within Global Medical device companies
• Strategic planning leadership with proven track record of building successful commercial platform
• Vast and diverse experience within Gyn&Obs market segment

Amir Karp, Chief Operating Officer, Common Sense USA (BA, MBA)
• 18 years in pharmaceutical/medical supply industry including management roles at OMRIX Biopharma (J&J) & Agis (now division of Perrigo), the second largest drug company in Israel
• Closed over 30 international distribution, licensing, OEM, & joint venture contracts for Common Sense

Alex Eidelman, Production & Engineering Director
• 20 years of experience in managing large scale production operations in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, including management roles at Teva, OMRIX and Ultra Shape
• Responsibility for production launch and engineering solutions for several pharma & medical device companies
• Successfully prepared Production department for FDA and CE audits

Iman Khorshid – RA manager at CS (BA, MSc, MBA, LLB)
• Over 20 years of experience of developing and implementing state of the art QMS in wide range of industries: cutting tools, industrial valves, pressure equipment, metal molding and medical devices. In addition, she has wide experience in integrating environmental policy and safety management as part of QMS in leading companies.
• Past positions included VP - RA & QMS, leading medical device companies.

Bat-Chen Yakir, Management Representative & Marketing and Operations Manager
• 12 Years Experience in Marketing and Operation in international medical device companies
• Products launch and marketing development in Europe, East Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa
• Responsible for Common Sense's marketing and operational activities in Europe, East Europe and Asia Pacific

Vered Pardo Yissar, Ph.D., Research & Development Director
• Analytical Laboratory Manager at Elite Coffee (Strauss Br`); developed aroma generating $100M+ sales
• CTO of Physical Logic, an Israeli medical device company
• Responsible for the successful development of Common Sense’s leading products
• Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem: M.Sc. in Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
B.Sc. in Chemistry in the Bar-Ilan University

Yifat Fundoiano-Hershcovitz , Ph.D., Research & Development Project Manager
• Managing R&D projects of Common Sense products from design input stage to design transfer, building project plan and follow-up. Planning clinical trials and results analysis, supporting Common Sense R&D.
• Managing the R&D in a start-up company, Carmel Biotech.
• Senior Scientist in the Proteins Biochemistry team, Compugen Ltd.
• Education: Ph.D in Biochemistry, Department of Biotechnology and Food engineering, Technion– Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
B.Sc. in Biotechnology & Food Engineering, Technion, Israel.

Hadar Kessary, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Studies & Customer Support
• Responsible for writing all protocols, NDE & Helsinki applications, studies, published articles, & CE / FDA labeling submissions
• Negotiated 20+ study agreements with hospitals & clinics in Israel
• Frequent lecturer at OB/GYN conferences worldwide
• B.Sc. - Life science from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. M.Sc. Megister of Science - Faculty of Medicine, Department of Immunology, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. D.Sc. Doctor of Science - Faculty of Medicine, Department of Immunology, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Post-Doctoral Research Position – Faculty of Medicine, Department of Immunology, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

Advisory team

Prof. Jack Sobel, M.D. of John Harper Hospital in Detroit - leading expert in the US in the field of women's infectious diseases.

Dr. Adam Geva, M.D. - heads the Women's Health Department in the Lin Centre, Haifa.

Prof. Yakov Borenstein M.D. - Head of Women's Health Department, Naharia Hospital.

Board of Directors

Mr. Stanley J. Sanders - Chairman

Mr. Bob Casal

Mrs. Lori Lonczak

Mr. Douglas Sanders

Mr. Eyal Miller - CEO

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