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Sensing Technologies:

Since its inception, CommonSense's multi-disciplinary, dedicated R&D team has developed a family of unique patented polymer based pH indicator matrixes which are far more sensitive and specific than other products in the field. These matrixes can be applied on diverse surfaces to generate sensing panty-liners and rapid swab indicators. Such products are crucial in the field of women's health as they are capable of monitoring natural vaginal defense. Implementation of the indicator matrix enabled the development, production and marketing of non-intrusive acidity detectors that are more sensitive to vaginal discharge than to urine, thereby providing a reliable indication of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

This technology also resulted in the development of indicators that are more sensitive to the presence of amniotic fluid in vaginal secretions than to urine.

CommonSense polymers change their color in a very distinctive way, from Yellow to Green or Blue.


  • Exposure to urine doesn't cause a false positive reading
  • Color coding - the color change is easily recognized without using any color scale
  • The products are suitable for simple home use and self interpretation of results
  • The color stain remains stable over a long period of time
  • Panty-liner products can indicate minute events during prolonged wear
  • Swabs provide immediate indications

Manufacturing Technologies

CommonSense operates production lines that are capable of applying its unique polymer matrix formulations onto diversified surfaces, in order to generate the sensing layers of its products. The sensing layers are then assembled into finished products on uniquely designed, semi-automatic large scale production lines. All products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality and comfort-of-wear standards in the hygiene and diagnostic fields.
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